X-breath Fabrics

Waterproof and breathable, the X-breath fabrics are 2-L, 2.5-L or 3-L laminated fabrics.

  • bio X-breath - waterproof/breathable fabrics made from renewable biomass

    • cool X-breath - cool-touch fabrics which are highly wicking and breathable

  • dura X-breath - waterproof/breathable fabrics made in Cordura, Kevlar or high-abrasion Nylon, suitable for workwear.

  • Certified with EN-343:2003 Class 3/3, Protective clothing. Protection against rain.

    • eco+ X-breath - degradable polyester fabrics

    • recycled X-breath - waterproof/breathable fabrics in recycled polyesters

  • fashion X-breath - infuse functions into fashionable fabrics

    • lite X-breath - feather-lighted waterproof/breathable fabrics

Lamination technologies include:

    • Dupont Cerenol microporous coating and lamination (up to 10K/10K)

    • Hydrophilic PU coating and lamination (up to 20K/15K)

    • Micro-porous PU coating and lamination (up to 10K/10K)

    • Recyclable polyester lamination (up to 15K/15K)

    • Bamboo charcoal PU lamination (up to 15K/15K)

            • (* based on JIS standards)