#Jade fiber

Feeling the Traditional Chinese Fineness

Jade means luck and charm in the traditional Chinese culture. It is a symbol of the master of Yin-Yang, and often being carried by the imperial class to indicate their nobleness. It is also a special material recognized by the Chinese people as it has the characteristic to avoid all evil beings and brings good luck. Moreover, it is considered to be the best material that could generate human’s inner energy – chi. Recent study shows Jade contents elements that helps balance human body’s inner energy, such as zinc, magnesium, copper, selenium, chromium, cobalt, and the likes.Jade therefore have been claimed to have much of the divine characteristics, however, it is also true that it is favored by its unique characteristics of “hardness”, “beauty”, and “moist”. In fact, Jade also has another characteristic – “brisk”, or “cooling”. According to an ancient Chinese story during the Tan Dynasty, there’s a queen who used to have jade embedded on her clothes to avoid the heat during summer as well as to represent her nobleness.

  • The jade from Taiwan makes the best cool-touch fiber of great value

The cool Taiwan Hualien Jade came from two billion years of collision of Eurasian plate and Atlantic plate, plus the numerous mineral accumulation at the button of the ocean and being extreme pressure and heat in the depth of earth surface over eight kilometers. It is then the mining vein of Hualien Jade of Taiwan. Taiwan’s Jade is categorized as amphibole. This kind of jade is very high in density as well as the cool touch feeling, therefore, it is one of the best material to make into fiber. This kind of Taiwan Jade has been tested and researched by the Mineral and Resource Research Institute of Taiwan. Also, it is the best kind in the market. We specifically uses this kind of Jade to produce the best quality cool-touch fiber.

  • Introduction to Jade fiber's cooling effect

We extended our patented technology of cell-shell structure in making functional particles, and combined with multi-open-cell material to produce material that will offset heat and raise the quantity of water absorption. In addition, by taking advantages of the special shaped Y surface that will offset water, thus, sweats can be released in a relatively rapid manner. At last, we use the special characterisitcs of Taiwan Jade to make the fiber to have a better cool touch because this material requires relatively higher energy to become warm compare to normal fiber in the market.

  • The test report of the cooling performance

Normally, when we touch any clothing material and have a “cool” feeling, it is due to the humidity within the fiber itself. And because the normal water has lower temperature comparing to a human body, we will feel the “cool”effect. Our jade particles has the multi-open-cell structure that could contain more percentage of water and the cool effect of jade. For sure, this material will provide an extreme cool effect to any fiber. The following are the test results:

℃ cooling effect of water in 10 wt %

℃ cooling effect of water in 4 wt %

The test is conducted with a physical human being by jogging on a jogging machine with the speed of 4 km/hr. The environment temperature is set at 28±1℃, with humidity of 60±2%R.H. The tested object is a male with years of age of 27. We use micro-climate physical temperature and humidity meter(SHIN-YEI THR-7X) to monitor the chest center of the object.The test is divided into three phases. The first phase is adjusting period, lasting for 10 minutes in sitting position. The second phase is the testing period lasting for 20 minutes in jogging condition. And the last phase is the recovering period lasting 20 minutes also in sitting position. This kind of test is the most realistic test.

Our Jade PET fiber has proved that is sure can provide the comfort of coolness after this realistic physical test. This is another breakthrough in textile industry of the century.

  • The needs for cooling – as of global warming

The ultimate goal of the textile industry’s advancement is to serve humanity and improve the quality of life. With the out-cry of global warming, visionary entrepreneurs has already foreseen the opportunity of cooling fiber, and there has been wide range of products in the market already such as dry-fit, coolmax, and the likes. This is a trend, and this is also one of the best product in the future that is preditable.