• The Outstanding Absorptive Capability of Bamboo Charcoal

After the high temperature processing (over 1200 degree celsius), the number of tiny holes that exist in bamboo charcoal are 6 times more than normal charcoal. It is the finest class in its kind.

Bamboo charcoal has high porosity, which can be clearly seen under the electronic microscope with a 750X magnification. According to the absorption test with a fixed temperature condition, each gram of bamboo charcoal contains a surface equal to approximately 250 to 300 squar meters (about a size of a basketball field). Try to imagine a tiny piece of charcoal that has a surface area of this size! Hence, the bamboo charcoal has the inhale ability that is so powerful we can use them as a de-humidifier, de-odorand, and as an agent to filter toxicated chemicals.

    • How Bamboo Charcoal Make You Healthy

    1. Absorbs "Volatiles" (toxic gas, moisture, etc.) to adjust humidity, and enable de-odorization

    2. Provides the far infra-red (FIR) function to keep body warm