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Gold-tank International [X-breath]

Comfort Innovations


In the world with fast-changing weather, fluctuating temperature, and unexpected rain falls, people will need better clothings to keep comfortable. We devote ourselves to research, develop and marketing the innovations to bring more comforts to people.


  • Thermo comfort

      • Phase-change material micro-capsules (PCMmc) to retain heat and regulate temperature

      • Bamboo charcoal particles to absorb heat

  • Touch comfort

      • Fine-denier fibers to provide nice hand-touch and light weights

      • Careful treatment to refine hand-feel without impacting functions

  • Visual comfort

      • Various jacquard patterns and visual effects

      • Stylish embossed or print patterns

  • Protected comfort

      • Made of high-abrasion Nylon, Cordura or Kevlar

      • Protection against bacteria by silver-ions or anti-bacterial fibers

      • Protection against UV by UV-resistant treatment or UV-resistant fibers

      • Protection against fire by 100% cotton flame-resistant fabrics

  • Ergo-comfort

      • On-sleeve pad for controlling iPod music player

      • Integrated compact-size controller

      • Conductive textile which are 100% washable