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Jade Cooling X-breath fabrics
cool-touch, quick-dry, and offering soft hand-feel with Taiwan Jade nano-particles inside the fiber

Embedded with nano-scale jade particles, the X-breath Taiwan Jade fiber and fabrics feature cool touch, breathability and soft hand-feel.

Sorona® fabrics, woven and knitted
renewably sourced™ polymer deriving from non-edible biomass

Affordable for you and the environment, our DuPont™ Sorona® fabrics combine exceptional performance with environmental benefits. The features are:
  • reduced CO2 and energy consumption,
  • dazzling color,
  • sensuous softness,
  • relaxing comfort,
  • easy care,
  • and UV resistance
DuPont™ Sorona® fabrics are made with renewable resources instead of petrochemicals, thereby reducing our dependence on oil - a finite resource. Production of Sorona® fiber reduces CO2 emissions by 63% compared to petrochemical-based Nylon 6 (polyamide).
bio X-breath fabrics
waterproof/breathable fabrics made from natural resource

  • All derived from renewable biomass
  • Microporous-type breathable membrane
  • Less energy consumption in production
  • Reduced CO2 emission
  • Sorona shell fabrics + Cerenol breathable membrane
  • W.P.: up to 5,000 mmH2O (JIS L-1092)
  • W.V.T.: up to 5,000 g/m2/24hr (JIS L-1099)
Figure: bio X-breath manufacturing process

recycled X-breath
save the earth by re-using resources!

Resource recycling and reusing is essential in minimizing impacts on environment.  The recycled X-breath fabrics use recycled polyester as the shell fabrics, and recyclable polyester membrane as the breathable lamination.  In addition to reusing resource, it also reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions.  After the end of life, the fabrics are recyclable.

  • With shell fabrics made of recycled polyester
  • With breathable membrane made of polyester
  • Being 100% recyclable
  • Enabling resource recycling to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emission